About Scrub In

Scrub In is a small business owned and operated by a respiratory therapist with a pathological need to make handicrafts. Located in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, Scrub In combines artistry and science in products that are both beautiful and functional.

Our soaps are made by hand in a home kitchen. The average batch size is about 2 1/2 pounds, or 10 bars. We use only ingredients that are skin-safe, and we follow regulations on safe usage ratings for all fragrances.

Most of our products are vegan-friendly. None of our ingredients were tested on animals. Our micas are synthetic, so they're made without child labor. Our palm oil is always RSPO-certified.

I started making soap in April of 2020. I used a cardboard box for a mold and sprinkled peppermint tea on top. Stuck in quarantine and taking classes online, there wasn't much else to do, so I had plenty of time and energy to develop my new skill.

To me, soapmaking is the perfect craft. It's the intersection of science, art, and working with my hands, and the result is something useful. That's what sets handicrafts apart from other hobbies - the functionality. I love making everyday life more beautiful through soaping, knitting, and sewing.


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