Autumn in Abstract

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Every bar in this batch has been hand-painted with soap batter. Each one is unique, and the whole batch took several hours to paint. Some bars are framed by a crisp beveled edge like a framed work of art, and on others the excess soap batter was left dripping over the edges. Some "paint" was colored mostly with mica, while some was colored mostly with Brazilian clay, which comes in a variety of naturally occuring colors ranging from yellow to purple to black. The scent is both fresh and spicy, like drinking hot cinnamon tea on a park bench surrounded by falling leaves.

Approximately 4oz.

Made with my primary recipe: olive oil, palm oil, water, coconut oil, lye, avocado oil, castor oil, fragrance, clay, mica, citric acid.

 A note on my ingredients: I use RSPO palm oil and biodegradable skin-safe glitter. Micas are synthetic and made without child labor.