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Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Want a special custom design? Allergic to a common ingredient? Need party favors to match your theme? Do you just really love a particular Scrub In product and want 2 1/2 pounds of it? Order a custom batch and get exactly what you want.

For a simple soap (primary recipe, no color, your choice of fragrance, goat's milk optional), place an order here; you'll be contacted about your fragrance choice.

For consultation and pricing on a more personalized project, contact before placing an order. Customized ingredients and designs are available.

Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for delivery. Handmade products take time!

Christmas: The deadline to place an order and have it shipped to you in time for Christmas is November 1. The deadline to place a custom order locally (you pick it up) in time for Christmas is November 15.